Boston’s most interactive, rewarding,
and life-changing experience!

Welcome to Zinkerz@Boston!

Scholastic Camp Boston is a two-week intensive academic program.
It is designed to help students make dramatic advances
in their standardized test scores and motivate them to deeply consider their
collegiate future through
educational opportunities,
while also exposing them to exciting activities throughout the Boston area.

July 5th - July 18th, 2023

Suggested for students in or entering grades 11 and 12


40 Students


14 Days


Boston, MA

Personalized Learning

70+ Hours

Daily Activities



Ground Transportation



average SAT score
increase throughout




represented by
past campers

0 %

student motivation
towards the future
after camp


Zinkerz is a Boston-based education company that specializes in creating personalized paths for all students to help them Rise to Their Potential.

At Zinkerz, we seek to inspire our students to Dream about who they want to be by opening up opportunities and allowing them to seize their potential. Our students Learn through tailor-made plans that are constantly modified to meet their needs. There are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions when it comes to education, therefore no two learning paths should be the same. In order to help our students Grow as individuals as they follow the path to their goals, our mission is to figure out what motivates our students and drives them to succeed. By harnessing that energy, we provide a unique, custom-made experience that will catapult our students down the road toward achieving their ambitions, and inspire them to Dream, Learn & Grow.


The Scholastic Camp Boston is committed to:


Set goals and determine a clear path to achieve them

Find your inspiration and visualize your future

College life is right around the corner. Whether they have thought about it every day since middle school, or keep putting it off, at camp all students are encouraged to hone in on their goals. Students find motivation… or a wake up call… and leave with a new sense of purpose. We’re here to help students find their motivation and help them map out a path to the future.


Make progress in standardized test preparation


Small group classes target specific areas for improvement while teaching tips and tricks to master the exam


Connect with new people and experience college life

Meet new people from around the world

Connect with others as you make lifelong friendships (and maybe meet a future college roommate!)

Past students were from:


Most students find they prefer one area of the verbal section to the other. Some students find the reading passages to be easy to approach and solve, while others enjoy the more rigid rules of the writing section.

Classes separate students by skill level to ensure they are with others with the same strengths. Drilling reading passages in timed settings allows students to focus on small sections and passage types to determine how they can improve the most. The writing portion of the exam is taught in a straightforward and systematic way to allow students to identify each problem type and know how to find the solution.

By combining both reading and writing in the classes, students are able to make significant advances in their scores.




With topics ranging from Number Theory to Pre-Calculus, there is a lot to cover in math. Our small class groups are formed by organizing students by their skill level in math. In addition to reviewing the exams, our educators teach specific tips and tricks (like when to use the answers provided and when to solve it out). They also focus on rules so students do not need to memorize everything… they just learn through repetition.

Zinkerz has practice sets available for each topic, tip and trick, and rule on the exam to further increase student understanding of the topics. In addition, special classes teach students calculator skills and when to use them on the exam. Math classes allow students to progress by solidifying their math foundation and showing them the secrets of the exam.


Our experienced and trained educators guide students through the classes and focus on test-specific strategies.

Mordejai Burstein

Karly Burke

Tom Brady

Zachary Wilkerson

Catie Meehan

Scott Rogers

Hayley McGowan


Our exclusive tracking algorithm allows students to examine their results in real time so they always know how they are improving

all correct and incorrect answers on each exam
estimated score ranges for exams and section of exams
informed on specific areas for improvement
progress reports via smartphone


Does the student see themselves at a large city school or a small school with a gated campus outside of a city? Do they like gothic architecture or modern buildings? Our tours offer students a chance to experience a plethora of campus options to discover what appeals most to them. Students will get a feel for what colleges are good matches for them as they tour campuses in the New England area, including…

Explore all that Boston has to offer


Learn about the history of Boston and explore educational,
challenging, and fun activities in the area.
Scholastic Camp Boston has something
for everyone, from sporting events to
escape room challenges.

Some activities from past trips include:

...and many more!

Experience College Life

All students stay in college dorms at Emerson College. The suites sleep 6 students and have 3 double bedrooms, a common room, a bathroom, and a kitchen area.
Scholastic Camp Boston provides 3 meals a day for all students. Most meals are provided through the college dining hall and some are provided at alternative restaurants. Options for dietary restrictions are available for all meals. During some outings, students will be provided with funds to purchase meals from a place of their choosing.



*The itinerary is subject to change based on weather and/or other circumstances.

Travel Information

Traveling by plane?

Please come to Boston Logan International Airport

Traveling by train?

Please come to Back Bay Station

Traveling by car?

Please plan to be dropped off and picked up at the dorms during the specified times

Shuttle and Welcome:


Students are asked to arrive on July 5th, 2023 between 10:00am and 6:00pm to ensure shuttle service from the airport or train station.


Students are asked to depart July 17th, 2023 between 3:00pm and 8:00pm OR July 18th, 2023 between 8:00am and 2:00pm.

Any arrivals or departures outside of these windows will require you to arrange your own transportation.



*Excludes Airfare


Safety & Security

Safety is of paramount importance and is emphasized throughout our planning process and the camp itself.

Generally speaking, Boston is a very safe city, but low crime is not the same as no crime. Therefore, it is important to take some basic precautions. Regardless of how comfortable you feel being on your own, stay mindful of your surroundings, keep an eye out for other members of the group, and never go anywhere alone.

Copies of passport information, itineraries, and emergency contact details are carried by the course instructors. Instructors are briefed about emergency procedures and have the authority to make decisions, change the itinerary, or do whatever else is necessary to ensure the safety of the students.

Prior to students departing their countries, course sponsors confirm the availability of medical facilities in the United States, make certain that mobile phones or other forms of emergency communication are available, review information from the relevant embassies, and brief the students on how to minimize their risk.

Emergency Contacts

Mordejai Burstein
+1 (305) 778-8477

Carlos Hafeitz
+1 (202) 286-8820

Karly Burke
+1 (203) 733 9767

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for reviewing the information in this packet and ensuring their children are adequately prepared for the course. They are also responsible for filling out the registration form and signing the waiver form to be provided in an upcoming email.

After reading this guide, if you have additional questions or need more information about the camp, you are encouraged to contact Zinkerz as soon as possible.

In the unlikely event that a student experiences a medical issue, Zinkerz will proceed with the appropriate measures. The student’s medical insurance will be employed and any relevant details will be coordinated with the parent.