Boston's most interactive, rewarding, and life-changing experience.

JULY 5th - JULY 18th, 2023

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Zinkerz Camp: College Journey is a two-week intensive academic program.

The performance of students on standardized tests will be improved, we will encourage students to pursue higher education, and students will become more familiar with the Boston area.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Zinkerz Camp: College Journey provides each student with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to realize their passions and motivations and start on the path toward realizing their full potential. We accomplish this by providing an environment where they can study, plan for college, and take part in exciting activities.

Suggested for students in or entering grades 11 and 12


Average SAT Score Increase Throughout Camp

Number of Universities Visited

Countries Represented by Past Campers

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Student Motivation After Camp

About Zinkerz

Boston-based educational institution Zinkerz is dedicated to helping every student reach their full potential by developing individualized learning plans. Inspiring students to become their best selves is one of Zinkerz’s primary missions. Our students benefit from individualized programs regularly revised to accommodate their individualized needs.

Because there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution in education, no two students’ educational paths should be identical. Our mission is to learn what inspires and motivates our students so that we can better support them as individuals on their journey toward their goals. 

By channeling that enthusiasm, we can give our students an individualized education that helps them take giant leaps toward their goals and encourages them to DREAM, LEARN, and GROW.


Make Progress in Standardized Test Preparation.
Classes: Small group classes target areas for improvement while teaching tips and tricks to master the exam.


Our experienced and trained educators guide students through the classes and focus on test specific strategies.

Progress Tracking

Our exclusive tracking algorithm allows students to examine their results in real time so they always know how they are improving


Our knowledgeable and well-trained instructors lead students through the curriculum, emphasizing test-specific strategies.

Mordejai Burstein

Karly Burke

Tom Brady

Zachary Wilkerson

Catie Meehan

Scott Rogers

Hayley McGowan


Set Goals and a Clear Path to Achieve Them.

Find Your Inspiration and See Your Future

College is just around the corner. Whether they’ve been thinking about it every day since middle school or keep putting it off, we encourage all students to focus on their goals at camp. Students gain motivation, a wake-up call, and a renewed sense of purpose. We’re here to help students discover their motivation and chart a course for the future.

College and University Visits

Does the student see themselves attending a small school with a gated campus outside of a city or a large school in the middle of a busy city? Do they prefer gothic architecture or more contemporary structures? Students may participate in various campus activities during our tours to determine which aspects of the school most appeal to them. Students can get a sense of which colleges in the New England area are suitable matches for them as they tour campuses in the area, including…


Meet new people from around the world

Connect with others as you make life-lasting friendships (and maybe meet a future college roommate!)

  • Small groups foster strong bonds.
  • A variety of activities offers different opportunities to connect with others.
  • Regrouping for classes expands exposure to other students and backgrounds.

Past students were from:

Explore all that Boston has to offer

Discover Boston’s rich history and culture while engaging in stimulating and entertaining pursuits. From team activities to escape room competitions, Zinkerz Camp College Journey has something for everyone.

Experience College Life:


All students stay in college dorms at Emerson College. The suites sleep six students and have three double bedrooms, a standard room, a bathroom, and a kitchen area.


Zinkerz Camp provides three meals a day for all students. Most meals are provided through the college dining hall and some at alternative restaurants. Options for dietary restrictions are available for all meals.

Our Campers says:


Answers to all your questions!

ZinkerzCamp College Journey is our most highly anticipated event of the year. We have weighed every detail to ensure your child leaves with memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you have more questions? Reach out to us at

  • What transportation is provided to pick my child up from the airport?
    Zinkerz Camp staff will provide a shuttle to transport students to the dorm from
    the airport. (NOTE: Please make sure you arrive in the specified window to
    guarantee shuttle service.)
  • How will my child travel around and between locations while at Camp?
    Students will either walk or take the subway to activities in Boston. (NOTE: a
    subway pass will be provided to all students). For activities that are further away,
    Zinkerz will provide shuttles as transportation to and from the locations.
  • Will meals be provided for my child?
    All meals will be provided for students during Camp. During certain outings,
    students will be given funds to purchase their meals from a venue of their choosing.
  • My child has a restricted diet, what will they eat?
    Notify us of any dietary restrictions, including allergies, during registration and we
    will make accommodations.
  • Where will students eat?
    Most meals will be at the dining hall and some will be at restaurants when outings
    are not nearby.
  • Where will my child stay?
    Students will be staying in a college dorm room near the Zinkerz Office. Linens will
    be provided.
  • How many roommates will they have?
    Students will have either zero or one roommate.
  • Can roommates be requested?
    Yes! We will do our best to honor any roommate requests.
  • Are the dorm rooms co-ed?
    No, all rooms are male or female only. Additionally, bathrooms will only be used by
    other students of the same sex.
  • Will there be chaperones in the dorm?
    Yes! Zinkerz staff members will also be staying in the dorms and will have a room
    near the students.
  • Are there quiet hours and a curfew?
    Yes. There will be a set curfew for all students to be in their own rooms and quiet
    hours will be strictly enforced by staff from both Zinkerz and the college.
  • Is there a laundry room?
    The dorm has laundry and we will provide detergent to students.
  • How many students will study together per class?
    Class sizes will range from individual classes to 10 students, depending on the
  • How are students placed in their classes?
    Upon arrival, students will take an assessment to give us insight into their
    strengths and the areas where they need improvement. Based on this assessment,
    they will be placed into the classes that will be the most beneficial to their current
    skill level.
  • What if my child’s abilities are stronger than the assessment shows?
    We constantly modify the groups as needed to ensure every student is getting the
    optimum opportunity and challenge in their learning.
  • Who are the educators?
    Experienced educators and specialists from our team will teach your child.
  • How will I get updates on my child’s progress?
    Students can monitor their progress through our
    technology constantly. A final progress report will be sent at the end of camp.
  • Are phones allowed during Camp?
    Yes! We encourage students to take photos and to be able to communicate with
    their families. Phones should be silenced during classes and certain activities,
  • Do you recommend students bring any additional technology to Camp?
    We recommend students bring their own graphing calculator.
General Organization
  • How will my child know when activities are happening?
    All students join a WhatsApp group and all notifications are sent through this group
    chat. They are also shared on a Google calendar that is updated daily with the
    schedule of activities.
  • Will you follow the schedule exactly as it is in the brochure?
    No. We do our best to follow the planned schedule, but occasionally need to
    modify (so students are not taking tours in the pouring rain). We will swap out
    activities based on weather and may need to shift certain full day schedules as
  • Are there chaperones during activities?
    All activities have members of our staff chaperoning the students.